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Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Pet Goat II from Heliofant - Full Clip in HD


This is the full length version of I Pet Goat II from Heliofant. The director is Director Louis Lefebvre ( There is a huge amount of disinformation and ignorance regarding what this film is about. It is about exposing the lies, deception of the cabal and embracing the truth. There is nothing "demonic" about the film. I have seen way too many inane YouTube posts by people attempting to decipher and decode the "hidden" meaning and whiffing at the plate. If you want to know what the film is about go to this clip: This the full blown 40 minute Alex Jone's (Infowars) interview with the creator Louis Lefebvre (dated (7/18). The interview with the truth seeking Mr. Lefebvre will dispel all the nonsense circulating around the video.

Since many will not recognize the symbolism in the I found these two clips by YouTuber "thebarcaroller" where many of the symbols are identified and explained. I thought he/she did a very good job... much better than most of the nonsense peopleuploaded to YouTube to "explain" the video.

Part 1 Analysis:
Part 2 Analysis:
Part 3 Analysis: Looks like TBD on part 3

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